Wednesday, December 1, 2010

11/14/10 Day 42

     We were on our way to Santa Fe today.  We had been told and had read a lot about how the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area have been a hot spot for filmmaking in recent years and were pretty excited to check it out. 
  We ate breakfast with Chan and Gill then packed a lunch for ourselves and started toward the city.  First we parked and walked around the plaza.  There were tons of art galleries and little artsy shops.  There were a bunch of Native Americans selling jewelry on the streets and a couple of food carts.  We stopped and did a bit of shopping at a local Five and Dime; we looked at some of the other shops, but they were very expensive. 
     We explored the town for a couple of hours and were beginning to get hungry.  The plan was to go back to the car and eat the lunches that I had packed, but the thought of more cold meat sandwiches didn’t sound very appetizing.  Delicious Mexican food sounded WAY better, so we went to the Blue Corn Café and Brewery.  The food was excellent and the beer was alright too. 
     We decided that we were done in the city and would head back to Pecos, stopping at the International Folk Art Museum on our way.  We paid the admission fee and were given a brief tour by a volunteer docent.  We kinda wanted to walk around on our own, but she seemed pretty insistent that she show us around.  We were very impressed by the folk art displays.  There were dozens of windows ranging in size that were full of hundreds of tiny handmade figures arranged in various ways.  There was a window for nearly every country containing folk art made there.  Most of the scenes in the displays seemed to show something specific about the country from which the art was made. 
     There were several other galleries in the Museum including:  Silver jewelry, Empowering Women Artisan Cooperatives that transform Communities, Textiles from around the World, and artwork by individuals from New Mexico that have been recognized by the National Endowment of the Arts.  Eric and I enjoyed the Day of the Dead display and everything in the International Folk Art Gallery. 
     When we got back to Chan and Gill’s we hung out in the bunkhouse for a bit then were treated to another meal out in Pecos at Canelas.  The inside of the restaurant was beautiful!  Chan and Gill said that the place never had any business, and it was apparent as we sat alone in the high ceilinged dining hall for a couple or hours enjoying our meal all alone.  Eric had a delicious sirloin steak and I had a less appetizing enchilada.  Eric tried a local brew called Monks Ale and he liked it a lot.

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