Monday, October 18, 2010

10/14/10 Day 11

     We were starting to feel like we had been in North Dakota long enough, so we quickly packed and headed for the border.  We decided to take “The Enchanted Highway,” something we had heard about at the visitor’s center in Rugby
     The enchantment of this road is a number of gigantic statues strewn across its length.  Among these are massive grasshoppers, humongous fish, and a towering Teddy Roosevelt.  We had a picnic lunch at the last group of statues, a larger than life farmer and his family, before heading on.

Eric looks just like pappy!

     We drove through a small strip of the badlands and were awed by the change from endless flat prairie to craggy, stony hills and valleys with hardly any vegetation.  This eventually gave way to larger hills and mountains covered with short grass as we rolled into Montana
I guess we didn't write anything about Salem Sue, but she is a big cow somewhere in North Dakota too, not on the Enchanted Highway though.

     We drove on until we reached Mile City, where we searched for a campground.  Of the three we found, one was too expensive, another had been filled up by workers from the oil fields, so we ended up checking into the third, Big Sky RV Park and Campground.  This was not the sort of place we were used to staying at.  There were no trees in the small campground, no fire pits also, and the road was a stone’s throw away.  Despite these conditions, the camp proved to be very nice in its own way.  Virginia and I had a good dinner of polish sausage, sauerkraut, and Black Butte Porter and then read until we fell asleep.
Enjoying us some some grilled polish sausage and Black Butte Porter

 - Eric  

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