Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/16/10 Day 13

     We were looking forward to the exciting and informative trip to Livingston we had planned for ourselves this day.  First we were going to visit the Depot Museum, which is housed in a beautiful brick train station built along the Soo railroad line at the turn of the century.  Next we would head to the Yellostone Gateway Museum, where we would catch a ride in a vintage Yellowstone taxi whose driver would give us a tour of all the historic buildings in town.  We would finish the day with a late lunch and a few beers at the Neptune Brewery and Pub!
     That was the plan, anyway.  Once we got in the car  and halfway to Livingston, Virginia looked at the pamphlets again.  Turns out, as we had run into before, the museums were closed. BOTH of them!
     The weather seemed to match our attitudes as grey clouds rolled in and rain spattered down.  We thought maybe we could find information on somewhere else to go at the visitor’s center, but even THAT was closed!  According to the info we had, Neptune’s didn’t open until 4pm, so we couldn’t even go there to drown our sorrows.
     We ended up driving aimlessly around the town, unwilling to admit defeat and turn around.  This turned out to be a good decision, as we ended up passing Neptune’s Brewing co.  To our surprise and pleasure it was actually open!  We weren’t hungry just yet, so we went down town and killed a few hours at some second hand stores before returning.
     Neptune’s has a cool nautical themed bar and specializes in Thai and Seafood.  The beer was sadly only Mediocre, in our opinion, (except for the chocolate porter) but the food was amazing!  Virginia had a shrimp burger, I had Thai mahi mahi tacos and we shared purple coral chips, which were dipped in a delicious Thai peanut sauce.  We hung around for a while, soaking up the atmosphere as we finished our beers and worked on a crossword puzzle. 
     When we got back, we loafed around watching TV in the trophy room again before dinning on Vance’s gourmet tilapia almond and stuffed eggplants. 
Shhhh this is what we did when they weren't looking.  heh heh

-       Eric Lauterbach

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  1. Hahaha! LOVE it. Our neighbor Henry sometimes uses the entryway lion as a hat rack.