Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Cyberspace!

Hey everyone! My name is Eric Lauterbach and I, along with my girlfriend of three years Virginia Hurraw will be using this blog to share our travels and adventures with you. We are currently in the first leg of a cross-country trek to California and back. This is a pretty long trip for us, since we are both Hoosiers from Indiana.
Virginia has been a life-long native of the state, hailing from the small town of Hamilton, but she has travelled extensively with her family visiting friends and relatives across the nation.
Although I wasn't born in Indiana, I consider myself a "Hoosier by blood" since both my parents are from the Crossroads of America. I was born in South Dakota, where my dad was working his first job as director of the Dacotah Prarie Museum. Since museum work doesn't tend to have a high demand in each state, we moved from state to state, following my dad's work. This led me to live in Michigan, Texas, and back to Indiana. This, coupled with family vacations across the Midwest has given me something of a wanderlust.
With this shared love of travel, Virginia and I have had a road trip vacation every year we've been together, and we decided this time we would record our journey in a blog so we could share our adventures with our friends and relatives.
We hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures, and maybe even get a little inspiration to take a trip of your own! We welcome your comments, and if you know anything about the area we will be in or any secret local attractions, feel free to share it with us!

Happy Travels,
Eric and Virginia

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  1. I look forward to following your adventures! Also, very well written first post! Stay cool! xoxo