Monday, November 1, 2010

10/18/10 Day 15

We got packed and ready to go after a delicious breakfast and a picture with our generous hosts.  Our next stop was the Museum of the Rockies. We had been told by numerous people that this museum was a must do. 
Us with Mary Jane and Vance (and their Kill!)

     We decided to limit ourselves to 2 hours in the museum, because we definitely wanted to make some time and try to get out of Montana.  This failed miserably!  We were there for 45 extra minutes (which is still not that bad compared to the normal 4 hours).  The museum was so well organized and the displays so interesting, we simply couldn’t push ourselves. 
Fun with Fossils! (It was plastic folks, don't freak out)

     We spent most of the time in the dinosaurs exhibit, then ran through the Indian stuff (we had seen much of the same thing in the North Dakota museum).  There was also a display on dogs that we looked through briefly.  We bought a couple of post cards and souvenirs then we were off!
     The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent driving through mountainous Montana with few stops.  We caught a weather report that said it was supposed to get down to the lower 30’s or upper 20’s during the night.  We considered trying to move everything to the front seat and sleep in the car, but eventually agreed that a cheap hotel would be the best idea. 
     We settled into the City Center Hotel after haggling the owner down to a flat rate of 45 dollars for the night.
 - Virginia

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