Monday, November 1, 2010

10/20/10 Day 17

     Today we drove around Tacoma with Amber as our guide.  First we explored the Union Station/U.S. Court House where local glassblowing artist Dave Chihuly had some artwork on display.  It was pretty cool. 
A statue out front of the station.  I am sure Eric isn't the first to have tried, but this dapper gentleman seems to have discovered the best anti-theft device ever:  Make your things out of super heavy bronze. 

Chihuly blown glass art 

     Then we went to the Quikrete office to pick up Jenna for lunch.  We ate at Herfy’s burger upon the recommendation of Jenna.  The burgers were delicious and the artwork on the walls provided plenty of entertainment.  The walls were covered with little notes and artwork about how Herfy’s was “the Beast” as one person claimed.  
     We said goodbye to Jenna and with fully bellies we headed to Point Defiance Park.  We took the 5 mile drive around the park and it was awesome.  You could almost forget that you were only a few miles from a big city.  The forest is very dense and the beach is rocky and covered with driftwood with plenty of places to explore.  At the beach we stopped for a breath of salty sea air.  We were walking along the water’s edge when we spied a dead jellyfish! 
Amber pokin that jelly fish like it ain't nobody's business

We immediately grabbed a stick to poke it with.  It was a maroon color with peach colored tentacles bunched up inside it.  We looked it up later and couldn’t figure out what kind it was.  We also found a tiny dried out star fish on the beach and a crab shell.  We also saw a ton of raccoons hanging out along the road while we were driving.  
This one started running towards the car when we opened the window to get a picture.  Its obviously possessed. 

There was a little logging camp museum in Point Defiance that we visited.  There were many pieces of old logging equipment sitting around that we could look at.  It was pretty cool, but perhaps a bit poorly preserved. 
Old creepy logging equipment.

     On the way home, we stopped at a thrift store to get some ideas for Halloween costumes, but didn’t really find anything.  We went back to the apartment and shortly after we arrived Jenna got home.  I made some beef n’ noodles for dinner and we watched some TV shows. 
     Jenna told us about a neat little bar just down the street from their apartment; called The Parkway,  so we figured that we would check it out.  Amber wasn’t feeling well, so they stayed home.  We had 4 different kinds of beers all local to Washington and they were all delicious!  The bar atmosphere was good too. 
-       Virginia

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