Friday, November 12, 2010

10/30/10 Day 27

     I woke early and was sick of laying in bed trying to get back to sleep, so I got dressed, sat outside and read my book for about an hour or so before the sun rose and Eric woke up.  I made coffee and began preparing a breakfast of oatmeal before he arose.  We ate and promptly packed up the wet, sandy tent.  Then we went to explore the beach for a bit.  The massive white sand beach went on for miles in both directions.  We found some shells and half a sand dollar.  The waves were huge and the mist from them made it difficult to see very far out to sea. 
     We got back on the road and drove through the Avenue of Giants where we saw many tall trees.  There were a lot of tourist towns along the road and many roadside attractions involving these massive trees.  There were a few you could drive through, a tree made into a house, and a living chimney tree.  The only one we stopped at was the chimney tree ‘cause it was free. The restaurant and gift shop accompanying the chimney tree seemed deserted and there really weren’t any people around. It was kinda weird.  The actual chimney tree was pretty much just a hollowed out tree with a door put in the side of it.  Disappointed in this, we continued along the Avenue of the Giants yet to really be awed by this special detour from the highway.  
another Paul and Babe we found in the Redwood forest

Then we came to a gift shop called The Legend of Bigfoot.  The shop was surrounded by many impressive wood carved sculptures including a 10 foot tall Sasquatch.  We got some postcards and were on our way.
This is my new boyfriend, I met him in the woods

     I then directed Eric to the costal highway.  I thought it would be really neat to drive right along the coast!  We started westward and quickly realized that this road was going to be a bit more than we bargained for; switchbacks every few feet that were to be taken at 10 miles per hour or less.  Eric was a little stressed about the road, especially since everyone else on the road seemed to have a death wish and wanted to go like 50 mph.  Cars kept riding our ass 'til we got over into a turnout to let them pass.  It was kinda annoying.  It took nearly an hour just to get to the coast, then the road pretty much stayed right there along the edge.  The seascape view was awesome!  Eric was still struggling with the curvy road and inconsiderate drivers and I was beginning to be sick from all the curves.  We stopped for lunch at a pull out, threw an apple core out for the hungry seagulls, saw a seagull swallow an apple core whole. 
pesky sea birds kept trying to snatch our sandwiches right outta our hands!

     We drove along the coastal highway for a while longer, then began looking for a campground.  We had some trouble finding a campground within our price range.  There were quite a few regional and state parks but apparently all state and regional parks in California cost 35 dollars a night.  That’s about as much as a cheap hotel!  We kept looking 'til we found a private one that was only 20 bucks.  It was a really nice place.  Instead of being on the beach tonight, we were camped on a cliff a couple of hundred feet above the rocky sea.  
There is a cliff like 50 feet behind him.

We camped near the cliff and had a brilliant view of the ocean.  We made chili for dinner then enjoyed a restful evening. 
-       Virginia

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