Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10/27/10 Day 24

     Today consisted of more of the same, except that Eric and I knew that we wanted to dress as Day of the Dead skeletons for Halloween.   Gabe took us to downtown Ashland and to a really neat Hippie/Thrift/Halloween store called Renaissance Rose.  I found a lacy vest and a pink wrap for a skirt, Eric got a black turtle neck and we found a flag with two skeleton bodies on it that we could cut out and pin to our shirts.
     After we went to Renaissance Rose, we continued shopping in Ashland.  Ashland is the home of the annual Shakespeare Festival and many of the stores are rather upscale and pricey, so we only looked.  I think this town is a bit too touristy for our liking, despite Gabe's insistence that we move here.  It is a fun little town though with many interesting people.  We drove around Ashland until we had all the supplies we needed for our costumes.
     We went back to Gabe's to put together our outfits and get ready to go out on the town where we could show them off.  We were leaving before Halloween, that's why we decided to go out this Wednesday.
     Me, Eric, Gabe, James and Aaron (Gabe's roommate), also known as:  Day of the Dead skeletons one and two, the Pot Fairy, the Mad Hatter, and Kurt Cobain, went to Ashland.  

First we had to take a stroll through the park with our bottle of vodka.  Then we went to Alex's (a bar) and had a round or two of beer and french fries (which were awesome!)
     Then some crazy hippie guy, who had been bugging us for a while, asked if he could have a piece of our skeleton faces.  We went to another bar after that, and plenty of booze fueled shenanigans followed.
- Virginia

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