Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/10/10 Day 38

     First thing I did today was try and fry some eggs for breakfast.  I’ve always been more of a scrambled egg kind of guy and things usually turn out kinda rough when I stray from my area of expertise.  This time I broke the yolk on both eggs.  I didn’t really mind since it mean we wouldn’t have to make anything to sop up the yellows, but Virginia was a bit upset.  She gets sorta picky about her eggs being perfectly once over easy.  Luckily this was the only mishap today. 
     We drove further into Arizona to get some tourist info and to mail a bundle of postcards.  This was also where we found out that Route 66 was right nearby, so we hopped on that and continued East.  My favorite part of taking this historic highway was reading the Burma Shave signs along the road.  There would be about five of the red signs spread evenly in a mile, each bearing on line of a simple couplet until you reached the final marker which bore the Burma Shave logo. 
     While I was reading these poems from the drivers sear, Virginia thumbed through the materials we’d picked up at the Kingman visitor center for a place to spend the night.  She found the info for a hostel fifty miles from the Grand Canyon.  She placed a phone call and after finding the price was fifteen dollars a person per day, we made reservations.           
     A short while later we were there and settling into our room.  The living quarters were furnished with a bed and blankets, a space heater, two chairs, a mirror and a dresser.  The showers, sinks, and toilets were in a building out back.  There was a common room with books and a television and an attached “kitchenette” which was really just a microwave and a mini-fridge.  The floors were rich with stains and the countertops covered with remains of spilt beverages.  There was no shortage of dead bugs all around either.  It was cozy!
  We still had most of the afternoon to kill, so we caught up on the journal and watched TV before retiring to NPR on our radio.  A while after that we settled into bed, but I didn’t sleep well.  For some reason I kept waking up every hour or so.  The strange thing was that every time, when I was in that place between dreams and full awareness, I would hear a woman speaking to me.  Once my head cleared and I returned to consciousness, I couldn’t remember what she said, but I felt very disconcerted.  Part of me wanted to explain this as a haunting, but I decided to wait and see if the events would repeat themselves the next night before I gave my eerie dreams this label

-       Eric

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