Monday, November 1, 2010

10/19/10 Day 16

     We drove like bat shit crazy to get to Tacoma so that we didn’t have to freeze in the tent or pay for another hotel room.  My high school friends Amber and Jenna live there in an apartment and had a room for us to sleep in.  The entire day consisted of driving except for a short adventure at an overlook near the Columbia River. 
The Columbia River

     The view from the overlook was pretty sweet!  There were paved paths around the area to walk on, but we were tromping around the rocky terrain wherever we pleased ignoring the “beware of rattle snakes” signs that were posted.  Eric justified this by saying, “they are probably in hibernation at this time of year anyway.”   We continued our explorations of the cliffs near the river overlook and it wasn’t long til we saw the crackling of what could only be a rattler!  Eric was walking in front and saw the snake right away.  He leapt a few feet away with an exclamation of  “SHIT BALLS!”  I stopped in my tracks a few feet behind where the sound came from and immediately decided to turn around and get back on the paved path.  Eric continued in the same direction with extreme caution.
See that path behind Eric's right shoulder?  That's the path we weren't supposed to take and that's where THE RATTLER was waiting for us behind a rock.

     We arrived in Tacoma at around 8pm after a stressful drive into town and were pleased to find an air mattress and a private room waiting for us.  We were very relieved to get off the road so we settled down to some TV and a dinner of sausages and rice.
-       Virginia  

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