Thursday, November 4, 2010

10/23/10 Day 20

     We were planning on leaving today, but Jenna tempted us with a metal concert, so we decided to stay one more night.  We spent much of the day cleaning out stuff from the car and organizing.  We hung the tent out to dry only to have it get rained on. 
     For lunch we ate at Jack in the Box and Eric got antenna toppers for his family.  We went shopping for groceries shortly after lunch then a few hours later, it was concert time. 
The band Amber and Jenna went to see is called Church of Hate.  We tried to get their early enough to miss the cover charge, but failed.  There were several other bands too, they were alright.  Church of Hate put on a pretty good show, they threw fake blood, bible pages, and mannequin heads at the crowd.  We were all getting into it, except for Eric who fell asleep.  He has never enjoyed metal like me.
-       Virginia

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