Friday, November 12, 2010

10/29/10 Day 26

     We got up, ate some cereal then followed Avery back into “town” to visit Peg at her post office.  The town of Siead Valley is very small. It basically consists of a trailer park,  a few scattered homes, a small store, and the post office (there may have been a small café in there somewhere too).  Peg sold us some stamps and we took a few pictures with them at the post office.  We got a few supplies at the little store there then we were on the road again. 
Aunt Peg's post office

     Peg and Avery didn’t think we should try to go through Happy Camp and take the mountain pass there (it was closed due to weather anyway), so we backtracked all the way to north of Ashland and then headed towards the coast in search of the great costal redwoods. 
     A few hours later, we noticed the trees getting bigger and taller, then we saw the misty coast.  We stopped in one of the many redwood groves along the road and took a short hike through the damp mossy forest.  There were giant fallen trees covered in other growth, fungus and lichens.  The forest floor was a blanket of red pine needles.  The needles contrasting with the lush green undergrowth and the moss was amazing! 
The trees are closing in!

Eric stomps across the bridge to scare off any trolls that might be lurking
the troll lurking

We decided to have banana slugs for lunch because cold meat was getting so old and banana slugs sound so delicious

     We continued through the forest, occasionally driving right up next to the coast.  After another hour or so of driving, I directed us to a county park right on the beach.  It was nearly dark outside when we arrived, so we were setting up in the blackness with only our headlights for visibility.  The park seemed to be a popular stop for many a wayward traveler.  There were a couple of people staying there who appeared to be traveling with nothing but a backpack and their thumb for rides.  We made a meal of a can of beans and settled down for the night.  
-       Virginia

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