Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/6/10 Day 34

     Sarah and Tom picked us up from the apartment at about 10am.  First we headed to The Grove, a shopping mall where Sarah works.  My uncle(Sarah’s father) is constantly talking about Sarah’s job and how much of a big wig she is and how cool her job is, so I told her we simply must see what all his fuss is all about.  Sarah is second in charge at Crate and Barrel.  She designs and sets up all the second floor and window displays.  It sounds like a pretty sweet job and she is very good at it.  She showed us her office and all the furniture and light fixtures and rugs she has to lug around and hang.  It was pretty pimp!
     After that we headed to the famous Chinese Theater and the walk of fame.  We walked all around the theater as much as we could.  Much of it was roped off for the AFI Film Festival.  We actually were thinking of trying to see a film in the festival because the tickets were free, but didn’t get organized enough to get to one.  We walked along the walk of fame for a bit and saw all the hand and footprints of celebrities imprinted in the cement all around the Chinese Theater.  We walked up a couple of flights of stairs to a good view of the Hollywood sign.  We tried to take a couple of pictures, but the sign was so far away you couldn’t really tell what it was.  We grabbed lunch at Quiznos, which was surprisingly delicious, then walked a few blocks down to where we were to meet for a tour.
All the greats have a star on the walk

     Sarah and Tom had told us about this tour called The Dearly Departed Tour.  They both said that they had gone on it several years ago and found it highly entertaining.  The two and a half hour tour consisted mostly of driving around LA while our tour guide told us grisly tales of murder and suicide.  We saw many places where celebrities died or ate their last meal.  A few of the places we saw included where the Black Dahlia murder took place and the home of the suspected killer, where Bela Legosi, John Belushi, River Phoenix, and Janis Joplin died.  The tour guide was fantasic!  He really enjoys what he does and is very knowledgeable of Hollywood history.  It was definitely the perfect tour for us.  There were many other tours available such as celebrity houses and sightseeing, but Sarah knew that we were morbid freaks and that the Dearly Departed Tour was perfect for us.  We were also tempted to take the 3-hour Helter Skelter tour, but the one tour was enough expense for one day.
     After the tour, we planned on dinner and a movie.  We were craving Mexican, so Sarah and Tom took us to El Torito.  The restaurant was right on the canal at Marina Del Rey.  We took a walk on the boardwalk along the bay while we were waiting to get seated in the restaurant.  We watched some sea birds and a few seals (or sea lions) playing around in the water near the fishing boats. 
     The restaurant was so busy we didn’t get finished in time to make the movie, so we headed back to Sarah’s apartment to watch something on demand.  We ended up watching How to Train Your Dragon and it was pretty cute. 

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