Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10/26/10 Day 23

     Gabe was pretty excited about Halloween and preparing costumes, so we spent much of today running around in his Ford Explorer shopping at various halloween stores.  Eric and I weren't sure what we wanted to dress up as, so mostly we were looking for ideas.  Gabe knew that he wanted to be a "pot fairy" and he was finding all kinds of things to add to his costume.  He was also looking to pick up a costume for his boyfriend, Waylon.  We went to Medford for some Halloween stores then to Ashland for some thrift stores.
      We met a few of Gabe's friends who hung out with us for a while.  Later we went to a bar in Talent near Gabe and Waylon's place that also served Chinese food, had a couple of beers and a meal, then all 7 of us packed into the Explorer for an adventure to Ashland.
     We ended up at another friend's house, Mary.  We chilled here for a bit and tried to survive her four pit bulls wanting attention, then everyone back in the Explorer, plus Mary, and the Eight of us went back to Gabe's.  The next few hours consisted of everyone watching a few episodes of Family Guy on TV then gradually leaving.  Gabe, his roommate, and his friend worked on cleaning out the room Eric and I were to stay in, then at about 2am (the latest we had stayed up for a long time... 'cause we are old now) we went to sleep.
- Virginia

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