Friday, November 12, 2010

10/28/10 Day 25

     I had to break it to Gabe that we were leaving today, even though there had been talk of us staying 'til Halloween and possibly going to San Fran to celebrate.  We just decided to move on, staying in Talent for another 4 days was too long. 
     He was pretty disappointed, but he understood that we had a lot of miles to cover and a lot of other friends and relatives to visit.  We got packed up and headed to Ashland for a farewell dinner at Munchies with Gabe and Waylon.  We had some delicious Irish Nachos and a BLTA (the a being avacado) then headed to Siead Valley, California, to visit my Aunt Peg and Uncle Avery. 
     The drive was really pretty although it was raining and overcast all day.  The drive only took a little over 2 hours, then Avery met us at the Seiad Store so we could follow him to their little house on the hill with a nice mountain view.  It was a cute cottage type house with a wood stove and it was decorated with plenty of Peg’s hand made wind chimes. 

     Dinner was ready for us when we arrived.  The house was nice and warm and dry.  It was pretty much pouring outside at this point.  After a dinner of fried chicken, baked potatoes, green beans and salad, we watched some TV and I caught them up with whatever I knew about what is going on in the family.  I let them know how much we missed them whenever the Hurraws got together.  She is the only one of my dad’s brothers or sisters who doesn’t live within a few miles of Hamilton.  The conversation winded down and Peg had to go to bed, so we went to bed too.

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