Friday, November 12, 2010

11/2/10 Day 30

     We wanted to go for a hike today, since we were so close to all kinds of national parks and forests.  We’d been loafing around most of the morning, so we decided to go after lunch.  Cameron’s brother Cory has hiked many of the trails, so we had him lead us to one of his favorite trailheads.
     We followed him down the path to a beautiful waterfall.  Cory left shortly after, while we stayed and explored this wonderful hollow.  When we’d seen most of the little nooks and crannies, we began hiking up the trail in order to take the next fork.  This track crossed back and forth over rivers and streams, which were spanned by many rustic bridges.  One was simply a log with the top flattened and hand rails on the sides.
How lazy can a bridge builder get?

     We trekked along until our legs were wearing out.  We weren’t tired of the great weather or lovely scenery, but it was time to go home and rest.  When we got back, we ate cookies and watched Disney’s surprisingly good “Frog Princess” to unwind.
- Eric

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